"We really appreciate the commitment from Venture Partners with the entrepreneurs. Whenever we have a new strategy, the first people we talk to is the team in Venture Partners." 

Rodrigo Hutt

Co-founder of Voy al Doc

“Venture Partners has been a very active fund with Prestadero’s growth, I am convinced that with diligent execution of our business plan we can revolutionize the way in which credits are granted in Mexico.” 

Gerardo Obregón

Founder of Prestadero

As a doctor and entrepreneur, the learning curve has been tough. I can see a clear turning point since we started working with Venture Partners. I am confident that the future will be prosperous in Uhma thanks to all the institutionalization of our company that we have achieved as a team.

Benjamín Villaseñor

Founder of Uhma Salud

Thanks to Venture Institute and Venture Partners I was capable of building an innovative business model that allowed me to raise capital and create a successful company.

Antonio Alfeirán

Founder of Cuídate

Venture Partners helped speed up the growth of my business, not only with the invested capital but with contacts and opportunities. To any entrepreneur I would recommend that before accepting an investment it’s more important to consider who offers it rather than the terms of the investment.

Fernando de Obeso

Founder of Salud Fácil

Sierra Mojada 447PB, Lomas de Chapultepec, México D.F.
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